How to remotely edit your project without having to use VIM

Remotely editing your work when your server does not have public IP address and you don’t want to spend any money is not so easy. Maybe you can use Team viewer or Anydesk or even chrome remote desktop, but there are high latencies. Maybe you can use ngrok to remotely ssh to your server, you have to use vim and you are not familiar with it at all 😧. I tried to use rmate but it is not convinient to edit across different files in a folder.

CLion for catkin projects

Why use CLion? Better indexing and intelligence hints for C++ than Eclipse and QtCreator-desktop. Free for students. Also integrate PyCharm already. Good Git integration (although I am still used to commandline git). I really like the code inspection clang-tidy function which makes the code style more modern. Initial set-up Highly recommend you to add source <CATKIN_WORKSPACE_DIR>/devel/setup.bash to the end of ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc (Depends you use bash or zsh).